Funny Jokes Collection in English – Part 1

funny jokes collection in english

Funny Joke #1

One day, a person was driving at night and suddenly the headlights of the car stopped working. He was unable to see anything on the road. Then he started following the rear lights of the car going ahead of him.

After a while, the car that was going ahead suddenly stopped and the person hit the back of the car.

He then got off his car and started scolding the driver of the car.

— Why do you drive like this? Why have you suddenly stopped your car in the middle of the road?

— The other person replied – Do I need to take permission for parking my car in my own garage?

Funny Joke #2

One day a man saw another man laughing and asked him

Person 1 : Why are you laughing so much? You look very happy.

Person 2 : Today my horse is lost. That’s why I’m laughing.

Person 1 : Horse lost and you are laughing? It’s so bad with you.

Person 2 : Stupid, today it was a good day for me that I lost my horse, think if I rode on it, I would have also lost with it.

Funny Jokes #3

The police station’s phone rang. A man from the other side speaks

— Sir, my car was parked near the road. The car is in the right place but there is no steering, brake, clutch, accelerator in it. Someone must have stolen everything inside my car. Please help.

Police : Ok you don’t worry at all, we are reaching now.

After a while the telephone in the police station rang again.

— I am sorry sir, my car is alright. I was up on the back seat of the car.

Funny Jokes #4

Three unknown people met each other at a party. They started to introduce themselves.

Person 1 : I am uncle of the groom.

Person 2 : I am uncle of the bride.

Person 3 : Why do you lie? This is a birthday party. Do not enter someone’s party without such information. Use your brain like me.

Funny Jokes #5

One day a businessman met a monk.

Businessman : Please teach me something. Tell me how can i refute my sin.

Monk : You have borrowed from a lot of people. Soon repay them.

Businessman : What are you saying? Do not mix religion with business.

Funny Jokes #6

One day some guests came and the boss is asked his servant to bring chicken for lunch.

After a while the servant brought a chicken. Then the boss asked

— Where did you bring this chicken from?

Servant : I have stolen it.

Boss look at his guests and said

— My servant may steal this, but he always speaks the truth.

Funny jokes #7

One day a man went to the shop to buy a dog.

Customer : Show me a nice dog please.

Storekeeper : You take this dog. he is very nice.

Customer : Will he listen to his boss or not?

Storekeeper : Why not? he is very obedient. You will not see any other dog like him. He is so obedient that he comes back to my shop 20 times after I sell him to my customers.

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