Father and Son Funny Joke Collection in English

father and son funny joke collection

Father and Son Funny Joke #1

Father : Son, I have received a letter from your school principal. He says that you have become very naughty at school and you put soil into the mouth of one of your friends yesterday?

Son : Yes Father, everybody else was closing their mouths. Only he was opening his mouth.

Father and Son Funny Joke #2

Son : I have a good news father.

Father : What is that good news?

Son : You do not have to buy new books for me this year.

Father : Oh ! your school is distributing free textbooks this year.

Son : No, I have failed this time.

Father and Son Funny Joke #3

Father : Look son, you are totally dull in subtracting numbers. Tell me if I give you five apples and you have eaten one of them then how many apples will you have in your hand?

Son : First you give me the apples, then only I will do the math.

Father and Son Funny Joke #4

Son told his billionaire father

Son : Father, please give me one thousand bucks. I want to start a business. If I invest one thousand bucks, I will have a profit of three hundred bucks.

Father : You take this three hundred bucks and think that this is your profit. You get your profit as well as I have saved seven hundred bucks.

Father and Son Funny Joke #5

Father : Everybody likes a neat and clean surrounding.

Son : But my mother does not like.

Father : How did you know that?

Son : I have eaten some pieces of cakes which were kept yesterday in the fridge and cleaned the fridge, but mother beat me badly.

Father and Son Funny Joke #6

Son speaks to father after reaching home from school

Son: We are going to be rich from tomorrow.

Father: How?

Son : Our teacher told us that he will teach how to convert paisa into rupee.

Father and Son Funny Joke #7

The father is asking his son

Father : What is a desert?

Son : Where nothing grows.

Father : Give an example.

Son : Your hemp head.

Father and Son Funny Joke #8

Father told his son

— God is everywhere.

Son: Is it inside my stomach too?

Father: Yes he is.

Son: Very good, it feels like God wants to eat sweets now, bring it fast

Father and Son Joke #9

Seeing the son crying, the father asked

Father : Why are you crying my son?

Son : My home tutor was ill.

Father : Has he passed away?

Son : No.

Father : Then why are you crying?

Son : From today he is going to take my classes again.

Father and Son Joke #10

Father said to son while eating

Father :

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